Samgyeopsal, Soju, Korean BBQ.


삼겹살 (Samgyeopsal) – which means porkbelly – is probably the most popular and famous Korean bbq, and it tastes amazing. Absolutely amazing.

To try to explain what this meal is like, try to think of bacon. A really good bacon. Done? Now multiply the taste and flavor by 10 times.

Yes, it’s that good.




With some cooked kimchi and spiced bean sprouts on the side, this is truly a heavenly meal. Your life expectancy may shorten a little bit every time you eat this meal, but eh. It’s good and all.




You can’t eat Korean bbq without soju, too.

In Korea, we say “Jjan” and clink our glass with each other before we drink.

It is Korea’s “cheers”.

Spring is here.



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